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A Dove at Midnight. Rexanne Becnel. Buy This Book. I have always read romance novels and the Medieval period of history has fascinated me. A maiden’s self-imposed isolation makes her the seductive prize in a royal battle for power. Lady Joanna Preston lives cloistered behind the walls of a nunnery. A Dove At Midnight By Rexanne Becnel – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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I have always read romance novels and the Medieval period of history has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. When I realized there was an entire sub-genre of romance novels set in this period, I was truly in heaven. A Dove at Midnight is not a new book. Its freshness when it was first published may have since been eclipsed by some recent, more nuanced novels set in the same time period. But I still consider it to be an absolutely classic Midnigjt romance, with believable characters rich in detail, true to their time at least as we imagine their time to have been benel, and an emotionally powerful storyline that takes my breath away each time I read it.

A Dove at Midnight gives me that feeling every time, even ten years after it was first published. The dove of the title is Lady Joanna Preston, a rsxanne, beautiful, and maligned gecnel who for the past five years has lived a content if not happy life at a convent following the suicide of her abused mother.

The convent also keeps her safe from all other men. The actions of her cold and abusive father have scarred her ability to view men without distrust.

Joanna is a tempestuous heroine, but she walks the line of bravado and defiance without crossing over into the TSTL territory where many heroines of early medieval novels lived. Joanna is a ebcnel of her time — innocent but without illusions and beautiful while remaining unaware of her own beauty and self-worth.

Enter Sir Rylan Kempe, Lord of Blaecston, a powerful Yorkshire rfxanne with an axe to grind against King John, and alliances he needs to solidify through marriage agreements. They strike sparks off each other immediately, not the least of which because Joanna flatly refuses to leave the convent, especially not for the hated Oxwich, her childhood home full of bad memories.


Rylan is not about to take no for an answer, and he abducts her from the convent. What follows are a series of misadventures, escape attempts, and stirring exchanges both verbal and physical between two smart and determined characters at odds with each other. She shook her head, not wanting to admit her cause was so hopeless.


He was the last man she would ever wed! He clearly found the idea preposterous as well, for the amusement fled his face. Then he turned his gaze toward the fire. One who will be pleased to have you to wife. As in many Medieval romances, there is a distinct difference becnl both the age and experience of the hero and heroine. Rylan is an intimidating warrior hardened by years of battle, but he is no brute — he is a savvy mixnight player with hidden agendas and a strategic mind.

That Joanna is a believable match for him says a lot for her, because Rylan is dobe compelling and sexy hero. Their chemistry is sizzling. The love scenes in this novel are extremely sensual and powerful, in part because of the emotional surrender they represent for the characters.

A Dove at Midnight by Rexanne Becnel

Each is resisting their unwanted, intense attraction to the other, for societal reasons as well as their unwillingness to give up control. In their own ways, for their own reasons, Rylan and Joanna are closed off from their emotions. Their powerful attraction makes them acknowledge things they would rather not, and it ultimately makes them behave in ways they cannot understand, nor even condone.

Yet still she denied what he said. Despite the distance between them, she felt overwhelmed by him. His very essence seemed to surround her until that was all there was.

But even with that, you are still wrong about me. I will make a good nun. Christ and bedamned, woman. That was not a sin. The sin would be to resign yourself to that godforsaken priory!

When Dkve and Joanna finally give in to their passion for each other, it is not a romantic, sweet event, but rather an evocative, thrilling one. They are surrendering to feelings greater than themselves, and it is an erotically charged, moving, and soul-baring experience. She is shocked and ashamed of her behavior, and even more determined to return to the convent.

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The Christmas Wish

Angry at himself, Rylan is equally determined that their unwise actions should not change his plan. His own secret betrothal to an heiress prevents him from taking the obvious route to forgiveness and marrying Joanna himself.

Unfortunately, her situation worsens, because the king and his cunning Queen Isabel prepare to marry her to the noble of their choice, with much less regard than Rylan for her feelings or preferences. There is a point in the story where I despaired the first time I read this book since I could not figure out how Ms.

Becnel would be able to give this couple their happily-ever-after. There seemed to be too many obstacles — including their own pride — keeping Rylan and Joanna apart. Becnel unquestionably succeeded and brought this pair together once and for all with no bloodshed and a satisfying, though emotionally wrenching resolution, is a triumph of storytelling.

A Dove at Midnight is a wonderful Medieval romance which pits two strong characters against each other in a classic battle of fierce will and passionate emotion.

Drawn with a narrative voice that feels true to its time, and brings life to another age, Rylan and Joanna are worth visiting over and over again. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ve waited for seven long years for somebody to write a DIK review of this book! Each time another reader thought about re-reading it in order to write the review, they’d decide that the book didn’t withstand well the test of time.

There’s definitely an “old style” feel to the relationship between Rylan and Joanna, and the machinations at court take quite a long time to play out I think Julie Garwood took a shorter route through similar territory in one of her Medievalsbut I’ve re-read A Dove at Midnight a number of times and love it.

brcnel Those looking for a poignant ending will definitely find one here. As for the love scenes, oh my! Nicole Miale Review Date: March 1, Publication Date: A Sensuality Hot Book Type: Medieval Romance Review Tags: Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.