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ADuC/ADuC/ADuC Rev. B. Document Feedback. Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no. The ADuC also incorporates additional analog functionality WA TCHDO G TIME R. UART,I2C AND SPI. SERIA L I/O. ADuC XT AL2 .. data sheet. ADUC datasheet, ADUC circuit, ADUC data sheet: AD – MicroConverter Bit ADCs and DACs with Embedded High Speed kB Flash MCU.

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Analog Devices ADuC841

This internal code space can be downloaded via the UART serial port while the device is in-circuit. The rate at which this happens depends on the value and degree of compensation required. Set by the user to enable a capture or reload to occur as a result of a negative transition on T2EX if Timer 2 is not being used to clock the serial port.

The lowest 32 bytes are grouped into four banks of eight registers addressed as R0 to R7. There are five ways of terminating power-down mode: Time Interval Counter Interrupt. TH0 holds a value that is to be reloaded into TL0 each time it overflows. Increasing the gain coefficient compensates for a smaller analog input signal range and scales the ADC transfer function up, effectively adhc841 the slope of the transfer function. Baud rate generation is described as part of the UART serial port operation in the following section.


In this mode, the EXF2 flag, however, can still cause interrupts, which can be used as a third external interrupt. In addition to the basic UART connections, users also need a way to trigger the chip into download mode. Dataasheet bit selects between offset zero-scale and gain full-scale calibration. The user still needs to include back-to-back Schottky diodes between Aducc841 and DVDD to protect them from power-up and power-down transient conditions that could momentarily separate the two supply voltages.

When the destination operand is a port or a port bit, these instructions read the latch rather than the pin. Figure 30 shows the equivalent circuit of the analog input section. Once the page is erase, the user can program the 4 bytes in-page and then perform a verification of the data.

Analog Devices – datasheet pdf

The microcontroller is an optimized core offering up to 20 MIPS peak performance. The data is shifted out of the RxD line. Port 3 is a bidirectional port with internal pull-up resistors. The ADC clocks are also derived from the PLL clock, ddatasheet the modulator rate being the same as the crystal oscillator frequency.

The microcontroller is an optimized core offering up to. The interface then must be reset using the I2CRS bit. The ADC core contains internal offset and gain calibration registers that can be hardware calibrated to minimize system datadheet.

ADuC Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

Frequencies within this range can be achieved easily with master clock frequencies from kHz to well above 16 MHz, with the four ADC clock divide ratios to choose from. One Technology Way, P. As the output is forced to source or sink more current, the nonlinear regions at the top or bottom respectively of Figure 43 become larger. A Page 52 of 95 Figure SPI avuc841 an industrystandard synchronous serial interface that allows 8 bits of data to be synchronously transmitted and received simultaneously, that is, full duplex.


Port 2 pins with 0s written to them drive a logic low output voltage VOL and are capable of sinking 1. Set by the user to enable I2C stop interrupts.

ADuC841 Datasheet PDF

This pin is a no connect on the ADuC Cleared by the user to disable the clock to the time interval counters and reset the time interval SFRs to the last value written to them by the user. This means that if a zero output is desired during power-up or power-down transient conditions, then a dafasheet resistor must be added to each DAC output.

All three can be configured to operate either as timers or as event counters. The maximum resolution of the PWM output is 8 bits. The on-chip peripherals continue to receive the clock, and remain functional.