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View the slide show. August 2 ,Birth Anniversary. An Indian scientist who won fame in many countries. Eighty years ago he began the manufacture of medicines biblis India. A great teacher, great man and a true patriot. A Professor of Chemistry, a pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical industry in India who started making chemicals allex home A scientist who won international acclaim. His dwelling – a simple aoex on the first floor of the college in which he was teaching; his household -students who could not afford to stay elsewhere.

His salary – donation to the department of Chemistry. His father – Harish Chandra Ray – a landlord with liberal views, belonged to a wealthy cultured family. In Harish Chandra moved his family to Calcutta so that his sons could have higher education.

Here, Prafulla Chandra uilgert admitted to the Hare School. He took a great interest in books and read a vast number of them.

But a severe attack of dysentery forced him to leave the school. The disease was slowly overcome, but it permanently injured his health; he became a life-long sufferer from chronic indigestion and sleeplessness.

La biblia de la seduccion PDF download

When barely ten years old, he learnt Latin and Greek. He also studied lq histories of England, Rome and Spain. Two years later, Prafulla Chandra resumed his studies and in joined the Albert School. But Prafulla Chandra suddenly left for his village, without sitting for the examinations. In the village he mixed with the simple villagers and shared their joys and sorrows. He helped them in many ways.

Prafulla Chandra, however, returned to Calcutta in and resumed his studies at the Albert School. Harish Chandra’s financial situation grew worse and worse. He was forced to sell the ancestral property, to pay his creditors.

They instilled in him a burning desire to achieve the freedom of India and to improve the condition of the people. Pedlar was an inspiring teacher and a skilful experimentalist. His lectures influenced Prafulla Chandra to take up Chemistry for his higher studies in B. However, he continued to take interest in literature, and taught himself Latin and French at home. Sanskrit was compulsory in the college. Thus, he learnt several languages very well. The successful candidate could go abroad for higher studies.


Prafulla Chandra got the scholarship and in Prafulla Chandra left for Britain. Prafulla Chandra joined the B. Seducciin in the University at Ediburg. He was very much influenced by the Professor of Chemistry, Mr. Crum Brown, at the University. Chemistry became his first love. Prafulla Chandra completed B. He was 27 years old at the time. He received the Hope Prize Scholarship of the University, which enabled him to continue his work in the University for another year.

In Prafulla Chandra returned to India. He had obtained letters of introduction from his Principal and Professors. It was his hope that with their aid he would be able to get a good position in the education department. But in ds days all the high places in this department were reserved for Englishmen. Though Prafulla Chandra had a Doctorate in Science, bblia became difficult for him to receive recognition in his own country. For about a year he spent his time working with his famous friend Jagadish Chandra Bose in his laboratory.

He soon earned a great reputation as a successful and inspiring teacher. His lectures glowed with humor and wit. He would recite poems of Rabindranath Tagore and quote slokas from ‘Rasa Ratnakara’, a book written by the ancient Indian Chemist Nagarjuna. To sfduccin that, on burning, a bone becomes pure Calcium Phosphate, free from all animal matter, he would put a pinch of the ashes into his mouth!

Prafulla Chandra was never tired of saying that the progress of India could be achieved only by industrialization. He advocated the use of the native language as the medium of instruction in schools. For this, he began to write science texts-books in Bengali.

[PDF] Alex Hilgert – Biblia de La Seduccion – Free Download PDF

He used to tell the story of the famous Russian Chemist Mendeleef, who is famous for his Periodic Law. He first published the results of his work in the Russian language. This compelled the scientists of other nations to learn Russian in order to know his important discovery.

If we develop new knowledge, people of other countries will be forced to learn our languages. Eighty-five years ago Prafulla Chandra came to realize that the progress of India was linked with xlex. Without this there could be l salvation. Even drugs for Indian patients had to come from foreign countries at that time. This put money into the pockets of the merchants of those countries.

This had to be stopped. Drugs had to be manufactured in India. Prafulla Chandra wanted a beginning to be made at once. Prafulla Chandra was not rich. He prepared some chemicals at home. His work grew so fast that a separate company had to be formed. But he needed capital – a capital of only eight hundred rupees.

But it became difficult to raise even this small amount. In his father died. This was a great blow to Prafulla Chandra. The father was still in debts and thousands of rupees were needed.


Only a small part of the property remained. Even this was sold, so that the debts could be repaid. Prafulla Chandra bravely continued to run the new factory. At first it was difficult to sell the chemicals made there. They could not compete with the imported materials. But some friends, chiefly Dr. Amulya Charan Bose, supported his venture.

Bose was a leading medical practitioner and he enlisted the support of many other doctors. They, too, started using the chemicals made by the lx Indian firm. Many graduates in Chemistry joined the staff of the factory and worked hard for its improvement. Bengal Chemical became a famous factory. Prafulla Chandra’s contribution to Indian industry was even greater.

Directly or indirectly he helped to start many other factories. Textile mills, soap factories, sugar factories, chemical industries, ceramic factories and publishing houses were set up at the time with his active co-operation. He was the driving force behind the industrialization of the country, which began at that time. During all these years, he was also actively engaged in research in his laboratory at Presidency College.

His publications on Mercurous Nitrite and its derivatives brought him recognition from all over the world. He guided many students in their research in his laboratory. Even famous scientific journals abroad began to publish their scientific papers.

There was much that thought that Indians were backward in scientific knowledge and had received it only recently from the West. But Prafulla Chandra said that Indians knew little about there past history. They did not know much about the devotion and industry sedudcin which our ancestors xlex knowledge. Prafulla Chandra was from the beginning interested in the work of the early Hindu chemists. After reading the famous book ‘Greek Alchemy’ by the great French scientist Berthelot his interest in Hindu Chemistry grew into a passion.

La Biblia Del Seductor

He started reading many ancient books in Sanskrit, Pali, Bengali, and other languages, which contained information on the subject.

He wrote an article about a famous Sanskrit treatise ‘Rasendrasara Sangraha’ and sent it to Berthelot. The French scientist published it with an introduction praising it as an extremely interesting article. He wrote to Prafulla Chandra asking him to continue his research into the ancient texts and to publish a whole book on Hindu Chemistry, After several years of study, Prafulla Chandra published his famous book, – ‘The History of Hindu Chemistry’ which received great praise from scientists all over the world.