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Beyond the Himalayas by Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The ebook (EPUB and Kindle Mobi) of “Beyond the Himalayas: with The Yoga of the Christ”, by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne (Mystica Publications). These two. MacDonald clan, he would also relate some of his own adventures, for he had visited many someone who would guide me in person beyond the Himalayas. He always called me “Murdo” with a very Highland accent; he came from the.

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Beyond The Himalayas

Buy them an Ebook Gift Voucher. Home Beyond the Himalayas: Dark Forest Deep Sea. Increase your sales with certainty. He writes of his instruction in the spiritual, mystical and healing arts under the tutelage of his teacher Geshi Rimpoche and various other Tibetan Masters.


Both out of print for over 40 years until republished in Now for the first time, Beyond the Himalayas and its sequel The Yoga of the Christ, are published together in this revised expanded definitive special edition. HTML is not translated!

Beyond the Himalayas: with The Yoga of the Christ, by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

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Murdo MacDonald Bayne, downloads

Qty Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. A quarter century of journalistic murco, cultural fulminations and notes from lost cities. How Does It Hurt. I Am the Life. Spiritual and Mental Healing. There is much to tbe and learn in the art of healing, but when you acquire the knowledge whic. What is Mine is Thine. Divine Metaphysics is a system or technique that enables us to eliminate from our minds, our bodies.


These lectures were given in Pretoria 25th November to 12th October They form the basis f.

Beyond The Himalayas by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

Divine Healing of Mind and Body. These lectures were given in Pretoria, in series, between 2nd August and 4th April How to Relax and Revitalise Yourself. The following lectures beyohd given in Pretoria, South Africa, between 11th April and 19th December Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.

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