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Ringworld: Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch [BOX SET] on Game; Publisher: Chaosium (); Language: English; ASIN: BFZXGEM. I used to play Chaosiums Ring World a lot back in the 80’s – a friend used Do you think there is any chance Chaosium could be persuaded to. Chaosium is one of the longer lived publishers of role-playing games still in later RPGs, such as Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Nephilim, and Ringworld.

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It is a prize of my collection, but I’ve never gotten to play it. It looks to be great fun.

I had the Companion book for this for years before I was able to actually get a copy of the game itself! I remember seeing it in cgaosium game store when it was in print as well and, though intrigued, passed on in in favor of GDW’s Judge Dredd game.

I’ve played it chasium and run it twice a total of about 8 game sessions. The game as presented is nothing to write home about, however the material as presented is gold for ringworldd Niven fan. When Niven started farming out the Man-Kzin Wars novels, he realized he needed to present the authors with a “Known Space Bible” to work from.

Instead of writing one, he photocopied this game and sent them copies as the “bible”. A true prize in my collection. I got mine signed by Niven at WorldCon this year. Another great company, that printed some great “pulpy” games was is? I have some of their great Space Opera stuff, and a copy of Bunnies and Burrows.

One of chasium great chaoxium about the Ringwold game is the essays filling the GM’s book about technical specs for the Ring. Runequest was very populare in the UK, and in our gaming group. Ringworld was another of those games I saw in White Dwarf but never saw in the local game store.

RQ II boxed set is brill hope you do a retrospective on that. I also hope you can get your group to play some of these games you didn’t get to play first time round. I remember have seen it in the local rpg shop in my french town, when I was still a young player.

I was intrigued, but I’m not even sure the novels have ever been tranlsated. Alas, Ringworld was one fot he very few games of the period that I never got. They had some truly different creatures on the ads for the game that they ran in Dragon and White Dwarf! I got this game at the height of my Known Space addiction. Reading the books and stories, and having the game at my side, I was in hog heaven. Played it a couple of times, but not, actually, on the Ringworld itself, but in a campaign set on WeMadeIt.


As I recall, it was quite a fun game. Ringworldas presented, was definitely something to write home about. The production values were outstanding for the time as were most Chaosium releases.

I mean, that’s a Ralph Mcquarrie sp? And the interiors by Lisa Free iirc were fantastic. Still, there’s tons of great info for a Niven-based campaign in there. I never saw this. I think this is the only game other than Bunnies and Ringworlr you’ve mentioned that I never owned. Definitely a prize in my collection, although sadly packed away in storage right now. My strongest memory is using the tech rules to design a suit of “Iron Man” style armor as a prize for one of my players.

I bought this and the companion book when they were released.

I consider it one of the gems in my collection. Possibly the best ‘background’ info of any setting. Set on the 1: I think I was the only player to ever figure out whet the Great Arch actual was. Like you, I came to Chaosium late. Been catching up ever since. I never did end up taking a look at the game when it came out. Although I read the first Niven book, I never really had much desire to run a campaign chosium Ringworld.

Flash forward 20 years or so and I am playing a little video game called Halo 2. The amazing visuals during play on the Halo ring made me seriously reconsider.

Gazing into the distance and seeing chaoisum ring rise up and fade into the sky chsosium some road to heaven is an amazing, chill inducing image.

Those are my old stomping grounds, too! Chaosium does some games really well, and others not so much.

Stormbringer is a good one; ElfQuest while a beautiful book, chock-full o fun Glad you’re enjoying RW. Ringworld is my favorite novel. The game provides a wealth of background information about Known Space, though not really all that much about the Chaosiuum. The game itself seemed very mechanical and uninspired. Part of chapsium problem is the setting. Invulnerable General Products hulls, gigantic gas lasers, Slaver Stasis fields, and infinitely lucky people make for good stories, but are probably not good for an RPG.

See Niven’s “Safe at Any Speed” story.


Ringworld (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

A Man-Kzin War war setting, with its slightly lower technology, would likely make for a better game. FGU is a company about which I have some very mixed feelings. I plan on talking about them in the not-too-distant future as well. I shall indeed — have no fear. Ringworld is a game that I own only as a photocopied edition, but wish that I really did own.

There are few games that I wished I owned and this is one of them. I have the Companion though A friend did run it, though I remember very little from the scenario itself. It was twenty years ago now. Thursday, August 27, Ringworld. I’m deep in a Chaosium nostalgia mode right now. I’m still devouring my copy of Stormbringer and awaiting my copy of a 2nd edition RuneQuest boxed set I managed to snag. I never owned this game back in the day, though I wanted it very badly.

I think I only ever saw it once in the stores, while I was on vacation in North Carolina.

Ringworld (role-playing game)

I can’t help but feel that I missed out on a lot of Chaosium-fueled gaming goodness in my formative years. Few companies can compare to Chaosium creatively. I don’t think they produced a single genuinely bad game, even if they produced several that weren’t to my liking. And I have long considered two Chaosium efforts — Call of Cthulhu and Pendragon — to be among the best RPGs ever written, nearly perfect from the start.

There aren’t many game companies with a similar track record of excellence, certainly not the TSR by whose Gospel I lived as an impressioble youth. Better late than never, I guess. Posted by James Maliszewski at Korgoth August 27, at Steve Zieser August 27, at Timeshadows August 28, at Dyson Logos August 28, at A Paladin In Citadel August 28, at 1: Czarzhan August 28, at 5: Anonymous August 28, at 6: Nicolas Dessaux August 28, at 7: Brooze the Bear August 28, at 7: Joseph August 28, at Matthew Johnson August 28, at Rafial August 28, at Tetsubo August 28, at Anthony August 28, at Brunomac August 28, at Anthony August 28, at 1: JB August 28, at 6: James Maliszewski September 1, at 6: Pookie September 12, at 7: Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

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