April 4, 2021


Banned in Saudia Arabia, this is a blistering look at Arab and American hypocrisy following the discovery of oil in a poor oasis community. It was the opening sentence of John Updike’s review of Saudi dissident Abdelrahman Munif’s novel Cities of Salt in the New Yorker October 17, As the. English]. Cities of salt: a novel/ Abdelrahman Munif; translated from the. Arabic by Peter Therouxst Vintage International cd. p. cm. Translation of: Cities of salt.

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Women are almost entirely absent from the text except as unseen and unheard from sources of labor. So when they find the Americans reading books, they are alarmed and puzzled by the books. The Emir puts the radio on before her guests.

With the telescope could see the Amir, but he could neither hear nor speak. But a whole new generation of writers arose at that time, almost everywhere in the Arab world. This speaks volume of the governmental system which, through a war abselrahman formed by the Americans was strengthened on strong foundations. From abdelrahamn outset, we note that this literary form that accompanied the movement of the Nahda awakening since the second half of the nineteenth century continues to fuel the debate about the origins of the novel.

Cities of Salt ciyies the first fruit of the new exile. All that remains is the sand of the desert and the crystalline structures of cities, fashioned of salt. Externally, the Arab world is still haunted by the relics of colonialism and imperialism. Abdlerahman is an old seasoning, one we turn to for its power to amplify sweetness or contrast sourness. Two incidents illustrate how the proletariats become aware of their lack of rights and power.


When travelers return to Wadi, they could barely recognize the place they used to live in. Thus the new chronotope in which is the Emir represents a new perception of space and time from the point of view of speed and immediacy of voice and image.

As a result, our knowledge proves that phenomena and not things themselves. American companies are the ones that profit the most and consequently they can lay off employees and settle the death of Mizban. It is in this new phase appears A. This part of the study focuses on a text that opens with a change already announced at the beginning: It is possible to foresee the downfall of cities that are inhuman. I can’t remember a time This is the Lorax spread over pages and it doesn’t rhyme.

When they ask what is in the books, they never get the same answer twice. Many Arab people deem this as a corruption of their soul, a psychological shock to the socially conservative and religious society, and something they can not easily forget.

Cities of Salt

There is something ironic in the fact that, in London, the West is better informed about the news of Harran that local civil authority representative. In the novel, Akoub and Raji lost their job as truck drivers when faster and more efficient American trucks appear.

What are minif reading goals for ? From there, one notes the difference between the images exhibited the body of Western woman and the absence of women as bodies visible in the culture of abdelrahmab Amir.

Showing this unit Hasan Ridal, he asked all sorts of information about the device. So the link is emerging from the thematic point of view, between this and the preceding volume whose discursive study will focus on the East and West.


What then salh the value of this text? About Abdul Rahman Munif. While it adheres to the same culture and the same beliefs as his people, the Amir receives these objects as the result of the knowledge that God inspires man.

Ok, this book is growing on me for its ability to point out differences between a communal society and an individualistic society.

The Lit Pub • Cities of Salt

Eventually there are sightings of encamped foreign men who, like the Arabs, rise at dawn, and instead of performing prayers, go through a series of motions which the reader might recognize as jumping jacks but which to the unsettled watchers could only be demonic rituals. In antiquity, as you know, many cities simply disappeared.

Cities of Saltwhich is the first novel of a trilogy other two being the Trench and Variations on Night and Daywas written during his stay in France and originally published in Beirut in The personnel office conducted interviews that made workers very uncomfortable and vigilant. However, a sense of Arabism will continue to grow in urban populations through the media, the development of transport and intra-Arab institutions.

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