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Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by C. Cumbey So what are the new social movements? What direction is politics taking? As FDR said, in politics nothing. CONSTANCE CUMBEY m> OfTHe Rainbow THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT AND OUR COMING AGE OF BARBARISM THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE. Constance Cumbey (born February 29, ) is a lawyer and activist Christian author. Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. In the wake .

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Paperbackpages. A worthy read as it is vital to know the dark path we are being forced into.

With a wave of the hand, Creme seemed to instantly mesmerize a vast majority of the crowd. The New Age and Prophecy 72 7. A theologian I am not, but the Lord did see fit to bless me with a fair amount of common sense and a legal education. After the death of Alice Bailey inFoster Bailey eventually married Mary Bailey, another staunch female esotericist. And I believe the Lord will cobstance let it happen until his people are fully warned.

While they promote simple life-styles, at the same time they call for 42 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow the interconnection of the entire world by incredibly- sophisticated computers with snooping capacities that are Orwellian in scope. The New Age teachings are the same old lies that have been about since the snake beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden: I read on page Is he an ordinary man who is demonical- ly possessed?


Or the Age of the Antichrist? When two theosophists attempted to institute a branch of Theosophy — known as Cumbeh Christianity — that would be a revival of gnostic Christian teachings along the line of the Kabala — a form of Christianity that is Christian in name only — they quickly found opposition from the remainder of the Society, An attempt was made to resolve the dispute by chartering a special branch to be known as the Hermetic Lodge.

High level initiates always know more than low-level in- itiates. At the same time Findhorn was blossoming, esoteric groups around the world commenced their networking ope- rations.

It is safe to say, however, that nearly all non-Judeo-Christian religions are extremely similar because, as the Bible indicates, they come from one source, the ‘god of this world’—Satan himself.

This version contains the original text.

These satellites can also be used to project a three-dimensional holographic image viewable by up to one-third of the earth’s population. Heavily drawing upon all forms of mysticism — Eastern and Western — the Movement could appear to the unini- tiated as a loose coalition.

The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism

May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. She said she had not because it might tend to con- fuse her.

Skimming Creme’s book further, I learned that this false Christ intended to inaugurate contance a new world government and a new world religion.


The beast that was dead and came back to life — Nazism? Marilyn Ferguson’6 The Aquarian Conspiracy, an important New Age manifesto, attempts to announce and popularize what the New Agers chose to publicly display in their Movement.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nothing with them is authoritative which is not Divine. Aug 27, Ether rated it really liked it.

Hidden Dangers Of the Rainbow by Cumbey, Constance

Tibetan Buddhism and Theosophy played an important role in each. I explained that my research combined with Bible studies had convinced me that this was the Movement of the antichrist. Chose what you believe, but there are consequences to each choice, and not chosing is a choice also.

Now I know what I have been seeing I reread the Book of Revelation, where I saw: Morever, Hitler had actively tried to invoke the spirit of the beast from the 94 The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow pit. Creme describes it as being worldwide. Everything is good except or- thodox, monotheistic religions: Rainbo biblical warnings about those in the last days departing from the truth to follow the doctrines of seducing spirits and devils, the clergyman quickly renounced the faith of his fathers to go serve the “masters.