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Description. Limited edition of only hand numbered copies bound in stiff wraps, printed in two colors. London: Fulgur Limited, First Edition Thus. Results 1 – 7 of 7 Cosmic Meditation by Michael Bertiaux and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at [Michael Bertiaux, Robert Ansell] Cosmic Meditation. Uploaded by. Jimmy Ruiz. Bibliotbeque de Verseau No.1 Cosmic Meditation by MICHAEL BERTIAUX (FIYI.

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The next law, which is our third law, or third essential law of universal mind is the law of existence, which is prop- erly called The Law of Contingency. For this reason mankind has been blinded for many years by its own desire for power, and has not looked to the nearness of the spirit world for help when meditxtion. When meditation is directed towards spirit, communion is then possible.

These will never be traced by any scientific instruments, because they are rooted in the forms of anti-matter, of which there are an infi- nite number.

Skip to main content. He settled in Chicago inwhere he formed among other bodies the Neo-Pythagorean Gnostic Church.

Keith marked it as to-read Dec 24, The original work was privately printed and appeared in limited n An introduction to a way of thinking, Cosmic Meditation explores the universe from the standpoint of the spiritist philosophy. However, there are four other powers or gifts, which are also desired and thusly given: Yet, in the pure unity of our consciousness, we do not understand what we know – and hence we must grow more and more in our knowledge of The Absolute.

These mental laws of the universe are very simple and like everything else they are used by all beings in order to exist. The process of enrichment, whereby absolute ontology is bertiauux by means of the addition of other traditions such as the French tradition of Cartesian and spiritual metaphysics is the meditafion of both ontologism and occasionalism. Well, to some minds it is, but to The Absolute Scientist it isn’t evil at all, although we can make it evil emditation thinking it so, if we want to do that.

In an interesting cosmiic, cosmic meditation and the bertiax it is done by both the spiritists ebrtiaux the pure experientialists would seem to overlap, they would seem to share many areas and spaces of thought in common. But what had I done?

Multiple purchases can be combined, for discounted shipping rates. All one has to do is to grasp the fact that God is all, then one thinks about this Divine Allness more and more, through simple meditation.

We hope simply that each person will come to enjoy his own personal meditation as have we, and that what we share with him in these lessons will offer suggestions to the student of meditation as to what can be done with his own meclitation.

Progress is the great law of the spirit world and progress means that both spirit and medium will move forward by means of an interaction or act of coopera- tion between the mind of the medium and the spirit on the other side. All good Spirits come in.


All is Mind and every aspect of Mind reflects every other aspect of Mind. However, because God is The Absolute, or because The Absolute is what He is, there are an infinite number of universes, of which ours – and this includes not only all that science knows about this universe or will ever know, but all the invisible worlds which also belong to those universes within our universe, such as the mental world or universe, the astral, the intuitional and the universe of will, all of which follow the laws of evolution within our system, yes, all that there is – ours, no matter how vast it might seem, it too is but one within the infinite system of universes.

This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Once we are free of the physical body and the physical brain-mind we no longer will have need of the Spirit- Control and we will be ready after some preparation to serve as Spirit-Controls ourselves, prior to either coming bsrtiaux to this world or going on to another type of existence, possibly on another planet.

For my intuition has made these laws a part of my ontolo- gistic being and experience. Refresh and try again. This is like sending out a ray of light to attract something and then bringing it back by means of a net. Such a person will be able to write easily and to speak and lecture on many subjects, without having to prepare meditatioh research for long periods of time.

For you are draw- ing directly upon the presence medittion the infinite – in the here and the now – and you are able by means of this experience to grasp the cosmic energy behind all being, which appears to you as your spirit computer. Such a viewpoint was developed as a result of the Manichean philosophy, bertkaux system of conflict between light and dark, between good and evil, and between spirit and matter.

Bergiaux you seek the spirits more and more and work more and more with them, so they will come closer and closer to you, even bertaux you are evolving slower than they, and they are moving away from being mere spirit on the other side and are undergoing the wonderful transformation into deity.

Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. The original work was privately printed and appeared in limited numbers nearly thirty years ago.

Cosmic Meditation

Mert marked it as to-read Feb 11, In this Cosmic Computer we have the keys to the past and the future as well as the present. Furthermore, we must attune our minds to the Divine Mind if we want to find out more about the world and its laws.

Yet, whatever it does – and this is true for the unconscious mind as well- is mediated by the action of the Spirit-Control, as long as we are in the physical body. To enter the silence one does not even have to realise a state of light trance, after it has become a normal experience. The power is given for the development of the mind to its fullest intellectual capacities and possibilities.


Such a person will have a closeness to the spirit world that goes beyond any intimacy known on this earth, for his inner life which is his real life will be one with the world of the spirits and there he will live. When any Mind seeks to communicate with another Mind, they simply draw upon the Mind-power of the universe and send their thoughts to the other Mind, which is somewhere in the mental universe.

And it is so simple that anyone can use it fully. Sign up for newsletter. At the heart of all states of inner meditation can be found the very wonderful experience of creativity and spiri- tual intuition, which is known as spiritual light, enlighten- ment, or Buddhahood.

[Michael Bertiaux, Robert Ansell] Cosmic Meditation | jimmy ruiz –

The level of spiritual guidance is the next level of being to be experienced through ontologism. This spell is more than a conclusion, it is some- thing to use each day,so that you are brought more and more into cosmi with the higher and purer forces which rule the realms of your future explorations.

For it is with the help of our Spirit-Controls medktation guides from the meditatiin side that our minds are built up into the great powers they must be if we are to bridge the distance between the mind and Absolute Spirit, which is not physical distance in space or time, hut a metaphysical distance between the finite and the infinite. However, it may be that by following these lessons so closely that he has already made contact with both his Spirit-Control and with his Spirit-Guide – in that case he does not need to do anything else.

Cosmic Meditation Michael Bertiaux Kenneth Grant Occult Ltd Ed 1/ FULGUR Rare | eBay

While it is true that bertiauxx order to gain the union of the subconscious and the unconscious minds we make use of deep meditation, it is also true that the achievement of this union can bertiaix helped by certain secret methods, which will bring about the union of the subconscious mind and uncon- scious minds very rapidly.

Furthermore, as He developed more and more into a Loa or divine being as spirit, so the wonderful power of the group increased and its work became more and more well known as a source of healing and high metaphysical and occult teaching.

In this sense the Tree of Life resembles a mountain or a wall. The fellowship of the spirits will then mean the following gifts are to be known and used by the medium: