December 5, 2020


Die Wand von Marlen Haushofer ist ein grosser Bericht, dessen äusserste Einfachheit klassisches Mass erreicht. Man kann ihn einreihen unter die Meisterwerke. The Wall | Marlen Haushofer, Shaun Whiteside | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Die Wand (German Edition) [Marlen Haushofer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare Book.

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Mucking the stables, chopping wood, planting potatoes, worrying about supplies and health. It always flies a little way behind the others, and settles alone on a tree avoided by its companions. The woman leaves to look for the couple but soon discovers why they didn’t come back: We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but haishofer can opt-out if you wish.

It looked like some major catastrophe had struck the world and she and Lynx have survived it by luck. The Wall, by Marlen Haushofer. All that is very difficult for me because I can only concentrate on one thing and forcing me to be versatile makes me extremely nervous.

We celebrate her victories, and we worry over her defeats. As others have said, the unnamed author finds that she is the last person wamd after a nuclear holocaust.

The Wall by Marlen Haushofer

The thought cheers me. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Because of the protagonist’s circumstances trapped, alone, in natureshe writes only for herself and Luchs the dog; a nameless cat who later bears kittens; and Bella, a cow found nearby.

She is losing her sense of dif an individual and writing is a kind of catharsis for that. Dennoch habe ich auf irgendeinen Knaller zum Abschluss gehofft. Previous Post Previous Victor Pelevin: Virginia Woolf once called Middlemarch one of the few novels that had been written for grownups, or something along those lines.


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Haushofer was borne in Austria inand studied in Vienna during the war. My novel is completed in its first draft. As much as her exterior is changing due to the hard work, her inner self is also going through a change. I could have coped much more easily with a momentary insanity than with this terrible, invisible thing. She looks through the wall to the other side and discovers that there is no life on the other side.

All the same, life could have been lived differently. What we do get, in brilliant prose, is a narrative of survival and solitude, of strength and weakness, of humanity defined by its basic logical and practical skills and by empathy for living things. But they emerge from me, and there is nothing about them that could frighten or repel me.

She adopts a small menagerie — her hunting dog, a cow and later her calf which she finds wandering and in need of milking, and a cat and, later, her kittens and they become her family.

Return to Book Page. The woman alludes to disappointment with her own human family members, as well as a larger faithlessness in humanity as a whole. I looked for some kind of work to do, and told myself that in my situation it was childish to mourn a face, but the tormenting sense that I had lost something important would not be driven away. The cousin and her husband leave xie heroine during the evening and go to the nearby village.


Ddie does everything without men. Man kann dieses Buch auf viele verschiedene Arten und unter vielen Blickwinkeln lesen, auch das macht seinen Reiz aus: There is daily routine, painful, tedious. The Wall by Marlen Haushofer- 4 wnd 4 17 Jul 07, Our heroine has dinner, feeds the dog and goes to bed.

Bombay International Film Festival Because when you get to read it, you are going to experience the pleasure and delight and joy of reading it for the first time. On 11 January, the cow gives birth to a calf. I am extremely industrious. Sometimes I take out a book and read some of my favourite passages.

I may be in a position to murder time. Der Punkt ist, ich habe mich furchtbar gelangweilt und fand das Buch alles in allem richtig schlecht. The heavy, melancholy realization about her indifference when it comes to nature is oozing from the pages. Imagine, you are alone in the world, and there are evidently no other fellow humans around. The author gives the reader an idea of what is going to happen at the end of the book, and so I was dreading when I reached the last part of the book.

Een fascinerend boek wat ik even moest laten bezinken, en het blijft nog steeds door mijn hoofd spoken. Winter quickly follows, and soon the spring. Her relationships to the animals around her dog, cows, crows and a cat are beautifully and movingly depicted. Her name is never revealed, since it’s irrelevant.