May 4, 2021


Each IC family has its own characteristics, limitations and advantages. There have been many improvements in logical families such as TTL and CMOS. Logic (DTL); Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL); Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL). Evolution of TTL family. • ECL. • CMOS family and its evolution. • Overview. 2 Diode-Transistor Logic (DTL) . Scaling capabilities (large integration all MOS). Logic Families – TTL, CMOS, ECL. 10 January Basic Logic Families indicate the type of logic circuit used in the IC. The main types of logic families are.

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Programmable Logic Devices Architectures It was first introduced in High-level input voltage, VIH: Digiatl built with Schottky transistors use more power than normal TTL and switch faster. Diode Logic DL 2.

Low-level output voltage, VOL: This is the maximum input voltage which is recognized by the gate as logic 0. TTL Logic has the following sub-families: Resistor-Transistor gates are not very expensive and are very simple to construct.

TTL greatly decreases the manufacturing costs because multiple emitters can be added in the input so no extra space is needed and a multiple input gate can be constructed easily. TTL has become the standard logic circuit in many application for a number of years. Because of the incompatibility of the CD series of chips with the previous TTL family, a new standard emerged which combined the best of the TTL family with the advantages of the CD family.

Static Dynamic Domino logic Four-phase logic. This is the minimum input voltage which is recognized by the gate as logic 1. Maximum Power Transfer Theorem. The first diode—transistor logic family of integrated circuits was introduced by Signetics in A family of digitak resistor—transistor logic integrated circuits was developed at Fairchild Semiconductor for the Apollo Guidance Computer in Not shown are some early obscure logic families from the early dt such as DCTL direct-coupled transistor logicwhich did not become widely available.


Large scale integration LSI to no of gates 4. When the gate switches states, current is drawn from the power supply to charge the capacitance at the output of the gate.

Field Programmable Gate Array. The increase in portable battery powered electronic devices along with the ability of chip manufacturers to make the component parts of ICs much smaller also meant that power could be reduced and speed increased. As well as the basic logic functions, compatible ICs are available, familiee contain particular useful combinations of gates providing a convenient way of constructing more complex circuits. This made CMOS devices ideal for battery operation.

Asymmetrical Inverting Schmitt Trigger. This is the minimum voltage available at the output corresponding to logic 1. Fan-out output load factor is ms maximum number of inputs that can be driven by a logic gate.

The basic Classification of the Logic Families are as follows: This logic family bypasses TTL in terms of speed.

Low-level input voltage, VIL: Some such logic families use static techniques to minimize design complexity. Each family has its own characteristics, advantages and fqmilies. DTL was used in early vacuum tube computers. Different types of logic gate families: Values are very typical and would vary slightly depending on application conditions, manufacturer, temperature, and particular type of logic circuit. SR Flip-flop Electronics Tutorial. As the overall performance of these families increased they also became more compatible.


But the switching speed of the transistor is limited due to the input resistor to transistor. The drawback in using RTL gates is that they draw a great amount of current from the power supply.

Digital Logic Design: IC Families Explained

IC packaging Protect the chip from mechanical damage and chemical contamination. Separately Excited DC Motor. With HC and HCT logic and LS-TTL logic competing in the market it became clear that further improvements were needed to create the ideal logic device that combined high speed, with low power dissipation and compatibility with older logic families.

This means that the current draw of CMOS devices increases with switching rate controlled by clock speed, typically. Finite State Machines Topics. Also within each family, there is a range of voltages which may be high level or low level. CMOS is known for its low power consumption and high fan-out.

Transistor—transistor logic uses bipolar transistors to form its integrated circuits. Programmable Logic Devices 7.

Logic family – Wikipedia

Analog Integrated Circuits Retrieved from ” https: These families are listed below: Multivibrators Asymmetrical Square wave generator Bistable multivibrators Monostable multivibrator Sawtooth waveform generator Triangular waveform generator. In Diode-transistor logic, all the logic is implemented with the use of diodes and transistors.

There have been different versions famiiles TTL:.