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to do the motorcycle’s maintenance. For a professional service please contact one of our Ducati’s dealers. Owner’s Manuals. Year, , , , Items 1 – 6 of 6 Ducati Monster Manuals at The Web’s most trusted source for Manuals. View our full range of Ducati Monster ABS Motorcycles online at bikesales. – Australia’s number 1 motorbike classified website. Find the best deals.

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Ducati Motor Holding S. Table of contents Front brake lever 50 Rear brake pedal 51 Gearchange pedal 51 Adjusting the position of the gearchange and rear brake pedals 52 Main components and devices 53 Position on motorcycle 53 General indications 6 Fuel tank filler cap 54 Seat lock and helmet holder 55 Warranty 6 Sidestand Vehicle identification number VIN Technical data Label location California evaporation emission system mm Dimensions Ducati limited warranty on emission control system Weights Engine Timing system Routine Maintenance Record Performance data You will find the information in the manual useful on trips which Ducati Motor Holding S.

2009 Ducati Monster 696 — Owner’s Manual

Useful road safety information Be very careful at road junctions, or when riding in areas near exits from private land or car parks, or on the slip roads to motorways. Warning Always turn off the engine when refuelling. Be extremely Read this section before riding your motorcycle.

Riding with a full load Your motorcycle is designed for travelling over long distances with a full load in complete safety. Even weight distribution is critical for maintaining safety omnster, and to avoid getting into difficulties when making sudden manoeuvres or riding on bumpy roads.

Information on load capacity The total weight of the motorcycle in running order with duati, luggage and additional accessories should not Identification data All Ducati motorcycles have two identification numbers, one for the frame fig. Frame number Engine number Notes These numbers indicate the motorcycle model and should be quoted when ordering spare parts.

Controls Warning This section shows the position and function of the controls used to drive the motorcycle. Be sure to read this information carefully before you use the controls. Position of the motorcycle controls fig. Indicates engine revs per minute. Illuminates when the gearbox is in neutral. Illuminates when there are approximately dkcati litres of fuel left in the tank.

Switch used for displaying and setting instrument panel parameters. LCD — Main functions 8 11 Warning Any adjustments to the instrument panel must only be carried out when the motorcycle is stationary.

Never operate the instrument panel controls while riding the motorcycle. Shows total distance travelled. The indicator illuminates to signal when a service is due.

The service indiactor will remain on the monste until the system is reset by the Ducati Service Centre who carry out the service. The model is scrolled on the display once only.

DUCATI MONSTER 696 Owner’s Manual

At Key-On, the instrument panel always shows the following information de-activating any previously activated functions: Odometer Speed Engine rpm bargraph Engine oil temperature bargraph. At this 6966, with switch 1, fig. Total distance travelled indicator odometer vs. EU At Key-On the system automatically enters this function. The reading is saved permanently and cannot be reset under any circumstances. EU This function enables display of the motorcycle speed. EU While in this function, if you press switch 1, fig.


If the reading exceeds If the fuel level remains in reserve, the reading is saved even after Key-Off. The count stops automatically when the fuel level rises above reserve. Air temperature indicator vs. EU Shows the outside air temperature.


Oil temperature ducato This function displays the engine oil temperature. SERV The service indicator will remain on the display until reset. When the indicator appears, contact your Ducati dealer or Authorized Service Centre.

The battery voltage reading is displayed as follows: In addition to the upper rev counter scale, the display also shows engine rpm numerically so that you can adjust the idle speed more precisely. When you switch the LAP function off from the menu, the lap in progress will notbe saved. From this page, if you press switch 1, fig. Erase DDA If you press the switch 1, fig. If there are several errors, they are displayed in rolling mode every 3 seconds. In any case, a more detailed diagnosis can be obtained using Important the Ducati Diagnostic System.

The instrument runs the system diagnostics correctly 60 seconds after the last Key-Off.

Intelligent headlight switch-off Intelligent headlight switch-on This function helps reduce battery use by automatically This function allows programmed activation of the headlight switching off the headlight. The device is triggered in even with the motorcycle off Key-Off. Immediately after key-off, the instrument panel remains – in the first case, if you turn the key from OFF to ON and active for 60 seconds, thus allowing the headlight to be do not start the engine within 60 seconds, the headlight Notes Your Ducati dealer may ask you to produce your Code Card in order to carry out certain servicing operations.

The black keys B are the keys for normal use, and are used to: Warning Keep the keys separately and use only one of the black keys to start the motorcycle.

This shows the electronic code A, fig. Notes Press B for 3 secs. This menu should be active only if there is at least one flash immobilizer error. If the code has been entered correctly, the message CODE on entering this function, the first digit on the left starts flashing. Ignition switch and steering lock fig. Notes To move the key to the latter two positions, push it in before turning. Left-hand handlebar switch fig. To cancel the indicator, press the lever once it has returned to the central position.

Correct use mnual the majual lever is very important in monsher riding situations, especially when moving off. Important Using the clutch properly will prolong the life of the engine and prevent any damage to components in the Cold start lever fig. The cold start lever should be used while the engine is cold 1 or max.

The cold start lever should be adjusted while the engine warms up to maintain an idle speed of around rpm. Right-hand handlebar switch fig. Warning This switch is mainly intended for use in emergencies when you need to stop the engine quickly. After stopping the engine, return the switch to the position to start the engine.


When released, the twistgrip returns automatically to the initial position idling speed. Rear brake pedal fig. The system is controlled hydraulically. Adjusting the position of the gearchange and rear brake pedals The position of the gearchange and rear brake pedals in relation to the footrests can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the rider.

To adjust the position, proceed as follows: Main components and devices Position on motorcycle fig. Fuel tank filler cap fig. Closing Close the cap with the key inserted and push it into its seat.

Turn the key anticlockwise to the initial position and remove it. Seat lock and helmet holder Opening Put the key in the lock and turn it clockwise while pushing duvati in the vicinity of the latch to help release the pin. Pull the seat backwards to release ,onster from the front catches. The helmet cable 1 is located at the rear of the compartment under the seat see page Before lowering the sidestand, check that the ground is sufficiently even and firm.

Notes Do not park on soft ground, gravel or on asphalt softened by The engine can be started with the sidestand down Rear shock absorber adjusters The shock absorber has external adjusters that enable you to adapt the rear suspension to amnual the load conditions. Adjuster 1located on the left-hand side at the point at which the top of the shock absorber is fixed to the rear sub-frame, controls rebound damping. Riding the motorcycle Up to km During the first km keep an eye on the rev counter.

The indicator must not exceed rpm. During the first hours of riding, it is advisable to continuously vary the load on the engine and the rpm, though still keeping within the above limits. Operate the brake, clutch, gearchange and throttle controls periodic service intervals indicated in the warranty booklet. Starting the engine 2 Move the cold start lever to position B, fig.

Allow the engine to start on its own, without turning the throttle. Notes If the battery is flat, the system automatically disables operation of the starter motor. Important Do not rev the engine when cold. Moving off Important Avoid sudden acceleration, as this may lead to 1 Disengage the clutch by squeezing the control lever.

The clutch lever should 2 Push down the gearchange lever firmly with the tip of duczti be held in longer than necessary after a gear is engaged, your foot to engage first gear.

Braking Slow down in time, change down to use the engine brake, then apply both brakes. Pull in the clutch lever before the motorcycle comes to a stop to prevent the engine stalling.