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Expedition to Undermountain (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Adventure) [Eric L. Boyd, Ed Greenwood, Christopher Lindsay, Sean K. Expedition to Undermountain Excerpts. presents Undermountain as a grand adventuring area for any Dungeons & Dragons campaign. However, you may use many other Dungeons & Dragons Expedition to Undermountain is a page super-adventure that revisits the.

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It might even be you. I imagine this name means many different things to many different players. One of the first roleplaying games I have played was that Vampire game all them trendy kids used to play. None of us had ever played tabletop roleplaying games before, but the group consensus was that we should play Vampire, since all goth stuff was cool at the time.

But as I was weaving plots and conspiracies between elder creatures of the night, my heart was yearning to explore a world of fantasy.

In my group, I was the only one. This realisation, that I want to play DnD, took quite a bit of time to solidify. And the more I thought about roleplaying games the more I wanted to explore those worlds by myself. Visit my version of Fareun, or Sigil, or even the Underdark. And I remember very clearly, how one slow day at work turned into a day of exploration of DnD. It instantly became my office computer wallpaper.

Here, I thought, is tto I want — a sense of mystery, intrigue, and a journey into the unknown.

I never bought that book. As I mentioned, my group never wanted to play DnD. It was too mainstream for them. As it happened though, I had a drastic alteration of life, and a new geographical location coupled with a return to university provided me with a bunch of young creative writers who all wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons.


So it took me two paragraphs. I got there in the end. The contents of the book itself are mostly focused on exploring this first level.

We get some history on Undermountain, a write-up on the Yawning Portal — a tavern providing immediate access to the dungeon, filled with colourful NPCs and various side-treks. We also get a suggestion for an overarching campaign that will incorporate the three adventures that form the structure of the encounter write-ups, designed for levels 1 to 5. And the rest is said encounter write-ups. Here is where things get interesting. This is also where my shame of being a newbie took over. I started worrying about not really knowing anything about Undermountain.

There were so many books before this.

How I learned to stop worrying and love Halls of Undermountain | Breakfast for Owlbears

The book deals with this in a simple yet elegant way. It tells me, that Undermountain is my dungeon.

The book goes even undermmountain than that, and encourages you to improvise a lot of it. But it will encourage you to just make it up on the spot.

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It even provides room randomizing tables which are great! I was always dubious about improvising in DnD. But DnD is different. It feels sloppy not to prepare. A mark of a lazy DM. This book however makes it feel different. I somehow got the sense, that if I ran an Undermountain adventure — it would be OK undermountaim improvise. I exppedition go, and learned to just embrace it for what it is.


Reading them feels like reading a choose your own adventure book.

Most of them lack any maps or monster stats, instead referring the DM to the poster map, or to the Monster Vault respectively.

I imagine this has been done to conserve space, and I think that it was the right call. There is, after all, enough material in this book to keep you going for quite a few months even if you play this campaign weekly.

Expedition to Undermountain – Wikipedia

The map for the Yawning Portal is amazing. Just get the book and check it out for yourself. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter dragona.

Expedition to Undermountain

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