October 18, 2020


F3SJ-BP25, Safety Light Curtain, Basic Type, Detection Capability DIA. 20mm, Number of beams 10, Protective height mm, 2D / 3D. F3SJ- BP Mounting Top/Bottom and Intermediate Brackets. Backside mounting. F3SJ Series Dimensions 4. Please click image to enlarge (open in a new window). Omron’s new F3SJ series of safety light curtains offers a tailored approach for a variety of production environments. Conventional safety light curtains offer.

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PMMA resin acrylic Cable: Click here to reset. FCN6 key cap for muting is required. Based on IEC Read our cookie policy Allow tracking for optimal website experience.

One PNP transistor output, load current mA max. Protective height mm 1.

F3SJ-A | Omron, UK

Europe Austria Omton nl fr. For wiring with safety circuit such as single safety relay, safety relay unit, and safety controller. You will shortly receive an e-mail from us. ON while power is on. Infrared LED nm.


Length is 12 mm shorter than the standard FLJ1 bracket. Effective aperture angle EAA. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Supports M6 slide nut for aluminum frame. For protective height from 1, to 1, mm: Calculate using the following expressions:. Calculate using the following expressions: Time division emission by series connection Number of connections: On when receiving light. Click ‘Accept’ to accept cookies and continue browsing this site. Interference light prevention algorithm, sensing distance change function.

Load current 10 mA to mA max.

F3SJ-E | Omron, UK

One PNP transistor output, load current 50 mA max. Register [field] is a mandatory field.

Protected height to mm: Email address Email error notification Password Please use more than 6 characters. Total number of beams: An operation range of up to 7 m and a protective height up to 1, mm are provided with no dead zone.

Supports M8 oomron nut for aluminum frame. Response time under stable light incident condition. For protective height from to 1, mm: Effective aperture angle EAA.


Available indicators Incandescent lamp: Pull-out type, cable length 3 m Number of wires: Connector method M12, 8-pin. Europe Austria Belgium nl fr. Training courses Get the training from our best engineers. Start interlock, restart interlock Must be set with a setting tool when the muting function is used.

Register [field] is a mandatory field. Not using incandescent lamp. External indicator output Non-safety output. Connector cap 12-m Dedicated cable 10.

Omron F39LJ2 Sensor Mounting Bracket, For Use With F3SJ Series Safety Light Curtains

Number of beams n. Floating blanking must be set by a setting tool. ON when receiving light Auxiliary output 1: