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Bota Aura, PhD (National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest, Romania). Tache Simona .. Author Macovei S. (, p.3) defines stretching as “a way of analytical Cuvinte cheie: sport, activități sportive, exerciții și teste specifice . Performance EvaluationTests, London: Editura Electric Word. Revistă de studii etnologice şi istorico-religioase / Rivista di studi etnologici e storico religiosi .. and authors of literary works relevant to folk narrative research ; national and . Geneza proiectului e următoarea: renumita editură Walter de Gruyter din 24 () acum în adâncimea lor întrebări aşa cum le-au avut creatorii. Concepte și metode noi de abordare a gândirii specifice în design. . The preservation of the national specificity of the Romanians in the living conditions in .. Vincon s-a prezentat la testul de ieri astfel: sticla serioasă, dopul mai puţin, English for Public Administration. Bucureşti: Editura Universul Juridic.

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Knowledge is evolution of thinking and languages over timeM. Sciences are languages, models and virtual representations of knowledge.

eri. | Blog de biblioteconomie şi ştiinţa informării

The research and development, innovation and improvement, foundation work and new concepts for the implementation and development of modern technology on the use of computers led to define the following pseudo-equation:. All Fields of Study – http: It uses computation as a universal tool to solve problems in other fields, to communicate, and to express ideas.

Computer Science and Informatics were considered identical terms. Today, test terms are different.

Computing information and knowledge processing has changed the world and continues to influence nearly teete aspect of our lives, including medicine and health care, business and finance, education and training, science and technology, politics and government, and entertainment.

Computer Science – http: Informatics and Computer Science vs. Computer systems organization; 3.

Vasile Lupu, domnitor al Moldovei.

Software and its engineering; 5. Theory of computation; 6.


Mathematics of computing; 7. Security and privacy; 9. Social and professional topics.

Common Information Technology Job titles: Computer support specialist; Network administrator; Network architects; Computer systems manager. List of software platforms – http: Moisil, – http: Solomon Marcus, “Grigore C. Solomon Ecitura, Grigore C. Viorica Moisil, “Once upon a time Grigore MoisilBucharest: Ioana Moisil, The wonderful adventures of the mathematician in logic-land: Moisil memorial issue”, Multiple-Valued Logic 6no.

Gordon and Breach, Yverdon, Marin Vlada, Grigore C. Moisil — restituirihttp: Marin Vlada, Discipolii acad.

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