February 16, 2021

JBL 4311 PDF

Used JBL Bookshelf speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. The then morphed into the L, a hugely successful home product with the cool sculpted foam grilles; and JBL developed the —an. This photo-essay details the restoration of a pair of JBL L Century, and a pair of JBL ‘s. The L’s are going to be re-veneered with quarter-sawn.

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The veneer has been sanded to grit and the fronts and backs of the L’s have new black paint. The L’s are quite a bit older than the ‘s I’d say.

Fred SanfordApr 15, Here’s some pics of the drivers.: It looks like the woofers and mids don’t have any foam, jnl The darker areas are where I wetted the veneer tape to scrape it off.

But I’m not even going to use the grill frames for these. Used but in good shape. Any easy way to tell if the drivers are original?

But don’ let that sway you. I thought it best not to try and clean this because I didn’t want to damage the woofer cone. Great for a lot of classic rock. FedallahApr 14, ON the L’s, here’s what I was facing. These are really coming together now. I thought about filling the gap and painting the grain back in. Local pick and inspection is free and CASH only when you do 431 up. The is one of those ones that you either like or you don’t.


ChazzerApr 15, The ‘s are sanded to grit here.

The tweets definitely need foam, though the existing foam is intact. Beautiful awesome speakers all original with new wood veneer I still have the final detailing and cleaning to do. The brilliance and presence pots contour the sound quite a bit, with the presence control turned all the way down, it seems the mid cuts out jnl. With the old crossovers I was getting a muddy m One of the woofers has staining on it.

Now I’ll start the detailing process to the veneer with woodfill and final sanding. If you are a big fan of the east coast sound, odds are the JBLs will not be your cup of tea.

Speaker binding posts on one of the ‘s. Browse Related Browse Related. No pushed in cones or smashed corners on these units with nice grills even though they are a bit dusty from age.

Notice the serial number, which was originally on the front as part of the plate at the bottom. It really 3411 a striking veneer. Also shop in Also shop in.

JBL Restoration – Volti Audio – Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades

All the components work on these speakers. Hopefully I jgl listen to them. Share This Page Tweet. Inverted paper dome is a potential indicator of an alnico magnet structure, but JBL snuck the LE ferrite in there too. Like I said, amazing. How tough is it to replace the foam on the tweets? I like the large Advents quite a bit, though they do sound a little muffled compared with the Boston As. I’m adding an edge molding to the front of the L’s.


JBL 4311? Willi I be disappointed?

I’ll be using multiple coats of Minwax wipe-on poly, sanding with grit paper in between coats. Looks like they had just a bit of water damage on those sides. In my opinion the B’s are better than the earlier alnico version but both are awesome.

Please scroll thru all the pictures below as they are far better than any description I can write and Jnl don’t wan The refinish of the walnut veneer really made them pop back to life. I then control my sound with an EQ.

JBL Consumer Electronics | eBay

I’m sure replacement dust covers are available, and I’ve seen tweeters for sale on ebay pretty regularly. Not so good for other stuff, say, a nocturne for piano, or Dylan when he’s not playing it fucking loud. I cut out the JBL logo and installed it over the veneer. I made black grills for them so the new owner would have a choice of grills. I did repaint the fronts so they are very clean.

A couple of AR4x’s snuck into the shop to be refinished too.