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JCTG DBSub/C JCT design and build sub-contract – conditions () JCT Contracts should be used for construction contracts entered into after 1. JCT Design and Build Sub-Contract Agreement (DBSub/A) Previous editions: DBSub/A , DBSub/A (Revision 2 ) JCT Design and Build . Find JCT Design and Build Sub-Contract Conditions (DBSub/C), by JCT, ISBN , published by Sweet & Maxwell Ltd from

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This Practice Note explains who the Joint Contracts Tribunal JCT are and also provides an overview of the most commonly used contracts within the JCT suite in deslgn to traditional procurement, design and build procurement and management routes of procurement. The JCT publishes a suite of standard form building contracts and associated documents, including collateral warranties that are widely used for construction projects in the UK.

This Practice Note considers which parties are responsible for design, the standard of care to be exercised, and other key provisions relating to design including how discrepancies are dealt with, the design submission procedure and copyright. It also contains drafting notes and links to other suggested clauses where the parties may wish to further amend the standard JCT provisions.

Accordingly, the sub-contractor was entitled to a variation instruction if it encountered such conditions. The Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Technology and Construction Court TCCconfirming that an employer was able to challenge, by way of further adjudication, the amount due to a contractor in respect of an interim application, by reference to the true value of the works—even if the employer had not given a valid payment notice or pay less notice.


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The Scottish Court of Session, Outer House held that a contractor bore the risk of additional unknown asbestos discovered during the course of demolition works, under the terms of a contract based on the SBCC Standard Building Wubcontract.

The answer considers both when such notice should be given and the extent of detail to be provided. This Practice Note provides an overview as to how the contract price known as the Contract Sum under buil forms is determined in JCT contracts and how it may be adjusted.

It looks at termination by the Employer, termination by the Contractor and situations in which either party may terminate, along with the consequences of termination under the JCT contracts. This Practice Note explains how the JCT contracts deal with public deesign risks, ie personal injury and death and damage to property, and the insurance provisions included to cover these risks.

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The note covers the fact that the contractor is obliged to insure and to indemnify the employer as opposed to insuring in joint names. The note also covers the special provisions relating to existing buildings in JCT contracts. It then explains the types of works policy which are provided for the different types of project and who takes them out employer or contractor and finally, how subcontractors are covered.


This Practice Note looks at the forms of collateral warranty published by the Joint Contracts Tribunal JCT for use with its suite of building contracts. This Practice Note examines the most widely used JCT standard forms of collateral warranty, the key limitations on liability and other terms that construction practitioners should be aware of when using the JCT warranties.

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