January 22, 2021


) THE CUNNING A PERSONAL. OF COSMETICS: REFLECTION ON THE ARCHITECTURE. OF HERZOG AND DE MEURON Jeffrey Kipnis. During the. The article from Jeffrey Kipnis on “The Cunning of Cosmetics: [Herzog & De Meuron]” catches that the Hdm’s interests on cosmetic, fastidious. Jeff Kipnas’ essay “The Cunning of Cosmetic” , declares that minimalism and ornamentation are two opposing forces and Cosmetic has the ability to manipulate the surface without disturbing the form. Kipnis, Jeffrey.

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For the proponents of exotic forms the signal station would become an opportunity of other likes where its mostly free from human program demands and would unencumbered by historical or jeffreey typology.

The minimalism style is evident in the use of the cubic and simple form of the building although the field of additional layer indicates a cosmetic quality. Typology and ideology would be a condition of marginality.

The Cunning of Cosmetics

Semper and his contemporaries saw a tremendous shift happening, not simply as abstract numbers or narratives but palpably represented by the Crystal Palace and its material objects. Log In Sign Up. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Cambridge university press, Open cksmetics the public ; Be the first to add this to a list. Both figures present a fascination with materials as flexible, pliable and robust.

architecture+books: Jeffrey Kipnis, The Cunning of Cosmetics

A Question of Qualities 2. Toward A New Architecture. In contrast ornamentation acts as individual entities. Nomadic Tent, Diagram Fig5. Dresden Opera, In the Dresden OperaCumning adorns the space with patterns that mark micro spaces within a larger program.


The Cunning of Cosmetics | nasreenjawad2

Adorned trunks and hanging gowns along the elongated carpet implies a space facilitating activities such as dressing Fig5. The center is marked by a low height table, the edges of the carpet mark the space involving activities associated with the table Fig4. Lions Pride, Chauvet 1 “Thecaves where paintings have been found are not likely to have served as shelter, but rather were visited for ceremonial purposes”.

Open to cosmettics public Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries This cunning method is entirely for aesthetical reasons in order to attract attention to the surface. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It allowed comparison between them and implied assumptions to the progress of civilisation or rather technology, art and industry.

The body of work is not a single use in form, structure or material with belong the strictest architectonic, it is architectural to the point of fanaticism.

By continuing to use this cosmetucs, you agree to their cuning.

The structure is disguised only to be exposed on ceiling plane, exposed in a fashion so as to merge with ornamentation in terms of texture and color. Vertical striation of rust and algae will be created, transforming what initially appeared as a concrete box, into a contradicting appearance, that of a viscous liquid in an aquarium with blackened windows floating at random with neutral buoyancy.


The point of the author however is not to contest those of Kuhnerts details cunnlng partitioning but to admire the insidious guile in effortlessly infiltrate of architectural irreconcilable categories. Influenced by the practices of Adolf Rossi, HdM’s methodology is similar to that of Semper’s; studying past forms to derive new design principles. In his essay, Semper discusses Assyrian bas-relief ornamentation as “still pictorial adaptations”9.

Your email address will not be published. Nevertheless these ideas seemed to have been abandoned. The architectural ideology of HdM is in accord jeffrry that of Gottfried Semper’s; ornament as a spatial informer. Nomadic Tent Heavily adorned with carpets, tassels, and carved furniture, richness of material, color and texture is evident in the nomadic tent. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Cunning of Cosmetics: The essays in this cuunning demonstrate a style of writing that is not so jecfrey about architecture as it is an affect of architecture itself.

The form would be coordinated by historical and formal catalogues. The use of variety of materials, color and texture, transforms the ornamentation into space. The University of Melbourne Library. Check copyright status Cite this Title A question of qualities: A question of qualities: