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Cast off for adventure with the members of the RPGA Network. Get to know one of the busiest ports of the Sea of Fallen Stars, where adventure awaits on land. Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D/Forgotten Realms Module LC4) has 9 ratings and 0 reviews: Published August 1st by TSR, pages, Paperback. Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Module LC4) . Official Game Accessory PORT OF RAVENS BLUFF THE LIVING CITY Credits Compiled by: Jean Rabe and Skip Williams Editor Author: RPGA.

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Jean Rabe and Skip Williams Editor Jean Rabe and Skip Williams Editor: David Wise Cover Art: Kevin Ward Interior Art: Sarah Feggestad Gatefold Ship: Dennis Kauth Special Thanks: Printed in the U. On the shores of the Dragon Reach, Ravens Bluff has a busy, growing port.

Or are many shops near the docks that cater to fishermen, sailors, adventurers, and the general public. Through all doors are colorful characters whose lives are intimately tied to the Dragon Reach and the Sea of Fallen Stars beyond. Need a haircut to look presentable for your next business deal?

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Is your ship insured against damage, spoilage, even piracy? Lyndon Golight will see to it that you have a policy for every need and maybe a need for every policy.

You can also sign on to a ship or rent one for a salvage operation or adventure. You can even have your own ship built and find your destiny on the seas! There is so much to see and bkuff in Ravens Bluffs harbor that it will require several gaming sessions to take it all in.

Welcome to the Port of Ravens Bluff, and good adventuring! BoxLake Geneva, WI Sail into the Port of Ravens Bluff. There are adventures blufd on the wharfs, in the shops, and in the water for both the brave and the unwary. The Osprey fo in Ravens Bluffs harbor: The Osprey displaces tons, unloaded, and draws six feet bkuff water; loaded, she displaces tons ton cargo capacity and draws eight feet of water.

Fully dressed, Osprey appears to have ravfns again as much sail as any other vessel her size. With a favorable wind, she can make 17 or 18 knots. Her captain claims that she is the fastest ship in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The Osprey’s speed is not her only defense. She carries medium ballistae mounted on pivots on her bow and stern. She also carries four special anti-personnel weapons, mounted along each side. These are frames which hold 16 small javelins, each. Attached to the bottom of each frame is a spring-loaded board that, when released, propels the javelins with great force.

The javelins have a range of yards, a THAC0 of 19, and cause points of damage per hit to small-and medium-sized creatures, and points to large creatures. There are also hinged, lightly armored bulwarks that can be swung up along the gunwales to provide increased crew protection. Finally, Osprey carries a number of specialized missile weapons for the ballistae and the crew.

All of these innovations came from the brilliant mind of Captain Raider McAllister, who combined his ship building expertise with the technical advances of his Lantanese people. From top to bottom, these are the forecastle lx4 quarter deck, the main deck, and the berth.


There is also a hold beneath the berth and there is a small crawl area between, suit- able for hiding stowaways or contraband. The forecastle holds one of the two ballistae and the hluff. The other ballista is mounted on the quarter deck. The hold provides the main cargo carrying area. All told, Osprey is a vessel years ahead of her time. She is a swift, independent seabird, capable of rapid and secure travel throughout the Porr Sea.

TSR Ad&d 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms RPGA Lc4 Port of Ravens Bluff Near MINT | eBay

The Operation Captain McAllister accepts virtually any type of cargo or commission, although his rates increase in proportion to the risk involved. He oort accepts a cargo that is outright illegal, such as illicit drugs, nor will he accept l4c commission from those whom he recognizes as cl4, but a fugitive or a selftax exempting cargo is acceptable.

The usual cargo transport fee is 1 sp per pound. Passengers are normally charged 10 gp per day of travel. The Crew The Osprey can be handled by as few as eight crewmen, but she normally carries a crew of 35 to Captain McAllister hires only the most experienced crewmen and he pays them very well. As a result, the crew of Osprey is tough and extremely loyal to McAllister. They are usually armed with a cutlass, long sword, and dagger.

The Osprey could be a good place for PCs 4 to find work and adventure if they can convince McAllister or his first mate to take them on. Common, Thorass, Dwarvish Dethek runes-reading only Age: Cutlass, long sword, dagger, spear boarding pike or, battle axe, light crossbow Nonweapon Proficiencies: Weather sense 13navigation 15ship building 15rope use 16swimming 15astrology 17engineering 14 Magic Items: Raider McAllister is slender, well-muscled, and carries his years with an air of quiet confidence.

His black hair, shot with gray, is pulled back in a short tail, and he lort a well-trimmed beard that is mostly gray. His penetrating blue eyes are framed in a weathered face that testifies to his lifetime at sea. Raider appears well dressed and neatly groomed rwvens all times.

He favors a royal blue doublet with matching trousers, a white shirt with puffed and slashed sleeves, blackjack boots, and a hooded gray cloak.

His cutlass or a long sword with matching dagger always rides at his hip, in an elaborate harness. He also wears a large gold ring set with a sapphire raens his right hand and a matching blhff earring in his left ear.

He is the son of a Lantanese merchant priest and a minor noblewoman. He is the maker and master of the Osprey, one of the finest vessels to sail the Sea of Fallen Stars. He has built a substantial fortune running a discreet and efficient courier, escort, and cargo service.

The ship has berthed in Ravens Bluff for the past seven winters, and Raider is known throughout the Living City as a daring captain and a shrewd businessman. He is said to know the winds, currents, and harbors of the Inner Sea better than any man alive. His soul is tied to the sea; he has shown an affinity for it since his earliest days. He has a sixth sense when it comes to the weather, wind, and the waves, reading them like a scholar reads a well-loved book.

Although he spends most of his time on the Osprey, he sometimes feels a need to take a few days off in a busy harbor town, and Ravens Bluff is his favorite. He can be encountered almost anywhere around the dock area except the seedier tavernsod seeing to the needs of his ship and crew.


During the winter months, he sometimes teaches apt adventurers the art of ship design and building.

Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Module LC4)

When bluuff port, Captain McAllister is soft spoken, polite, and reserved. He frequents some of the quieter dockside establishments, where he eats and drinks raens. At sea he is a different man: He relishes riding out a storm or leading his crew to repel a pirate attack. He asks nothing of his men that he cannot or will not do himself and is respected for it. It is widely known that Raider is a superb swordsman, so he is rarely bothered by any but the most drunken or foolish sailor.

Captain McAllister always looks for new challenges. The Osprey is the first vessel tavens sail from the harbor in the spring and the last to return before the storms of winter render the Inner Sea impassable. He faces savage brigands, sahuagin, and tempests with equal calm and he has never lost a ves- sel in his 30 years at sea.

He has constructed seven vessels and the Osprey, completed three years ago, is his finest accomplishment. She is years ahead of her time and is easily the fastest ship on the Sea of Fallen Stars. However, he is not yet satisfied and is already planning his next vessel. He built his first craft, the Sea Sprite, when he was age 17, with the help of a crew of reckless young adventurers. He promptly sailed the Sprite into the harbor of Luskan, the City of Sails, and led the daring rescue of a prominent merchant of Waterdeep who had been captured by Luskanite raiders.

For these exploits, Raider earned the undying enmity of the rulers of Luskan, who tried for the next 15 years to bring him endless grief. Tiring of the constant attempts on ot life, he dropped from sight with the help of a friendly wizard.

He also found the ports of Sembia and Cormyr too restrictive. He finally settled on Ravens Bluff because it offered the best combination of reasonable tariffs and customs enforcement. Long bow, long sword, cutlass, javelin, dagger, lasso, staff 5 Nonweapon Proficiencies: Blindfighting, swimming 18 fo, singing 10navigation 7 Magic Items: Lyle Ambergills is nearly bald, but he sports a handlebar mustache that matches his thin hair.

He wears dark, finely made clothes. He never wears armor, but he is never without his bracers. He straps his bastard sword across his back.

He is a large bull of a man. He is a competent ship master in his own right and has sailed with Captain McAllister for the ravene five years.

He is capable of handling even the most stubborn of crewmen and has often a desired a ship of his own to command. However, his loyalty to McAllister keeps him aboard the Osprey. Whenever Osprey is in need of new hands, Ambergills usually takes charge of recruiting efforts, searching port cities for adventurers who wish to try their luck at sea.