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This manual contains maintenance procedures for service personnel. It is divided .. Cn. Lexmark. Cdn. Lexmark. Cn. Lexmark. Cdn. Lexmark. Lexmark C C C C Service Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Lexmark C C Service Manual. xx, 4xx. Go Back. Previous. Next. Assembly 1: Covers . 4. 3. 1. 6. 5. 8. 7. 2. 9 www MK-Electronic de.

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Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are trademarks of Lexmark International, Inc. The laser notice label may be affixed to this printer. The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement manuql.

It is divided into the following servicee General information contains a general description of the printer and the maintenance approach used to repair it. Special tools and test equipment, as well as general environmental and safety instructions, are discussed. Some models have internal duplexing, USB-A host ports for flash drives on the operator panel, and an optional sheet Duo Drawer with sheets in the input tray and sheets for the multipurpose feeder. While other USB flash drives have not been tested, and therefore cannot be approved by Lexmark, these products may function if the storage device meets the servoce qualifications: Cn, Cdn, Cdw Lexmark Cdtn mm Above mm 10 in.

Ssrvice Cn, Lexmark Cdn, Cdn with xerographic paper Cn Cdn, Cdw second tray Standard input sources Standard input tray sheet tray sheets sheets The MP feeder runs slower if A5, statement, B5, or envelopes are loaded.

The duplex unit does not support card stock, transparencies, envelopes, or labels. Lexmark transparency part numbers 12A and 12A are supported from the standard tray, lexmrak slot, and the multi-purpose feeder.

Paper 90 to US fed as well as non-recycled paper. However, no blanket statement can be made that all recycled paper will sservice well. Before using these types of paper, consult your paper supplier.

Diagnostic information Start CAUTION Unplug power cord from the electrical outlet before you connect or disconnect any cable or electronic board or assembly nanual personal safety and to prevent damage to the printer. Begin here to locate the service error code, user status message, user error message, symptom table, service checks, and diagnostic aids in this chapter to determine the corrective action necessary to repair a malfunctioning printer. When you turn the printer on, it performs a Power-On Sefvice Test.

Check for correct POST functioning of the base printer by observing the following: The LED turns on. Operator panel—display is blank. Close Door Message clears when front cover, right cover, and toner door are closed or securely fastened.


The following actions can be taken: HUB, Please Remove The printer Software Error disables all communication to the associated network interface.

Make Your Selection

Try one or more of the following: The cartridge Try one or more of the following: If the problem persists, go Cyan Printhead servo. If the problem persists, go Magenta Printhead lost motor lock.

RAM soldered on Replace the controller board. See Memory Error the board is bad. Replace the controller board. Go to step 2. Properly connect the cables, shield. Check the cable at JSP1 on the Go to step 2.

If the printer appears dead but makes a beeping sound, check the operator panel. Make sure the printer is setting on a level, flat surface. Enter Diagnostics Menu turn the printer off, Go to step 3. Be Contact your next level of Replace the front cover sure the right cover is in place. Turn the printer support. Go to step 6. Check the cable at JCARTB1 for proper connection to the controller board, the cable for pinch points, and the cable or connector for any other damage.

Replace one of the following components, and perform a POR before replacing a second component. Never replace both of the components without performing a POR after installing each one, or the printer will be rendered inoperable: The printer has detected a problem with the controller board, the operator panel assembly cable part of the front cover assemblyor the operator panel assembly if POST does not complete.

The printer emits five beeps, and sticks in a continuous pattern until the printer is turned off. Replace the controller shield. This symptom may require replacement of one or more CRUs Customer Replaceable Units designated as supplies or maintenance items, which are the responsibility of the customer. With the customer’s permission, you may need to install a developer toner cartridge or photoconductor unit.

Service tip Before troubleshooting any print quality problems, do the following: Print a menu settings page, and check the life status of all supplies.

Some background problems can be caused by using rough paper or incorrectly setting the operator panel settings to rough texture when the texture is not rough. Using non-Lexmark toner cartridges may also cause the problem.

Some slick or coated papers may also cause background problems. Some problems occur by running a large amount of graphics in a humid environment. Remove the packing in question removed?

Print a document that requires all four colors Replace the developer unit Go to step 3. Check the cartridge contacts. Change the settings to indicate the correct media. Check the fuser connections on the left and Go to step 3. Properly reconnect or right side of the printer. Replace the developer unit.

Print quality—random marks Service tip: The primary cause of random marks is loose material moving around inside the printer and attaching to the photoconductor unit, developer roll, or transfer belt.


Replace the imaging unit or the customer menus administrative menus: A solid color page is generally caused by a problem in the high-voltage controller or an incorrect high-voltage in the printing process resulting in toner development on the entire photoconductor drum. Error code Color See Go to step 2. Replace the toner cartridge. Replace the toner meter cycle TMC card. See Replace the controller shield.

The Back, Menu, and Stop buttons are located to the left of the display and manial navigation buttons are located below the display. The diagram shows the menus on the operator panel and items available under each menu.


Some menu items or values are displayed only if a specific option or feature is installed on your printer. Other menu items may only be effective for a particular printer language. Diagnostic aids Accessing service menus There are different test menus that can be accessed during POR to identify problems with the printer.

Turn the printer off. The Diagnostics menu group contains the settings and operations used while manufacturing and 2.


Tray 2 refers to the sheet tray located in the sheet duo drawer. Diagnostics Menu structure When the Diagnostics menu is entered, each Diagnostics main menu item displays on the operator panel. When a diagnostic test is selected from the main menu, a sub menu displays and each individual test displays in the order shown. Exit Diags This selection exits the Diagnostics Menu. The printer performs a POR, and returns to normal mode.

To print the Quick Test page: Print the Quick Lexmaek Page on letter or A4 paper.

Prints the Print Alignment Pages and requires that the best line in each set of lines must be selected. On the second page of the latest Quick Test you printed, proceed to Step 2; adjust the left, right, and bow settings. The contents of the Print Test Page vary depending on the media installed in the selected input source. Pages one and two contain a mixture of graphics and leexmark.

The remainder of the pages contain only graphics. The test prints on the media in tray 1. This test may be printed from either the Configuration Menu or the Diagnostics Menu. To run the Button Test: Press each operator panel button, and watch to see if the count of button presses lexmaek by one for each press. Before you set the duplex top margin, be sure to set the registration. The pages fed through the printer are blank.