September 13, 2020


Loctite is a one component, low viscosity, UV cure adhesive. It was designed for bonding rigid or flexible PVC to Polycarbonate while not inducing stress. Loctite is a one component, low viscosity, UV cure, acrylic bonding material. LOCTITE® AA is a transparent, colorless, light-cured, universal acrylic- based instant adhesive, suitable for metals and stress-sensitive plastics with a high.

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Loctite 3311

Loctite is a one component, low viscosity, UV cure, acrylic bond material. It is designed for bonding flexible or rigid PVC top polycarbonate while not introducing stress cracking under typical molded stress levels. This adhesive will enhance the load bearing and shock absorbing characteristics of the bond are while offering high speed curing for production.

It is well suited for application with small gaps less than 3311. It offers outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of glass, plastic and metal substrates and is well suited to be used in the assembly of disposable medical devices.


Loctite | Krayden

Loctite has a specific gravity of 1. The adhesive can be cured by exposure to UV or visible light that has sufficient intensity. To reach a full cure on surfaces loctlte to air, radiation at to nm is required. Curing speed will be dependent on the UV intensity and spectral distribution of light source.

Before applying, substrates need to be clean and free from grease, dust, dirt and debris. It is recommended to dispense Loctite from applicators with black feedlines.

The bond should be allowed to cool before it is subjected to any service loads. For more information on the proper application of Loctitecontact Krayden and a certified Technical Representative will assist you with any questions that you may have.

The safe handling and the proper handling precautions need to be read on the Loctite MSDS before using the material. The product needs to be stored in a dry location in its unopened container.

LOCTITE – LOCTITE – Products – Loctite, Henkel Loctite, Loctite glue

Optimal storage temperature is between 8 to 21 degrees Celsius. Temperatures about or below can affect the properties of the material. Once material is taken out of the container it is strongly recommended to not return the adhesive back to the container because it may be contaminated.


Loctite is an innovative company that strive to deliver cutting edge products for a wide variety of industries. They spend countless hours testing and developing state-of-the-art chemicals that are used to bond, seal, encapsulate and much more. Loctite is one of their many amazing products used for bonding flexible or rigid PVC to polycarbonate.

It is well suited for small gaps in the assembly of disposable medical devices. For more information in regards to the sizing or application methods, contact Kraydena certified distributor of Loctite products.

Loctite Technical Data Sheet. Buy Loctite Loctite is a one component, low viscosity, UV cure, acrylic bond material. Dowsil TC Next Next post: Repacking Pails into Semco Cartridges December 4, Fluxing of Solar Panel Interconnects November 30, Contact Request a Quote.